Emergency action plan, Insurance info, contact numbers, allergy lists, poison control number

Ace bandages-2, triangle bandages -2, Band aids multiple sizes & waterproof type.

Gauze rolls : 2" and 3" four of each, 4x4 dressing pads, 8x7 pads., medical tape.

Nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, pen or pencil, paper, watch, safety pins, lighter

Bottled water, juice box ( apple juice ) used for rehydration, eye flush, diabetic emerg.

Aloe gel, anti bacterial soap, plastic bags-multiple sizes, ice/heat packs, alcohol wipes, antibiotic spray with benadryl, aspirin, motrin, pepto, tums

POCKET MASK, GLOVES (latex free and mulitple sizes), small board splints,  mini flashlight, blanket

Build your own kits!! Simple and cost effective!!